#2-Buenos Aires: Fighter and Dreamer–Luchadora y Soñadora

Then one day the honey moon phase ended. The hiccups became bigger, and I choked on my own tears in the middle of the street, hating every single minute being in the new city. (Later I blamed it on the full moon, the upcoming period, the changing temperature, the tropical storm that came later that […]

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#1-BuenosAires: Orientation period summary – Introduction

Hola chicos! It has been a week and a half since my arrival in Buenos Aires for a semester abroad. I have been getting used to the living rhythm here and organizing my daily/weekly schedule. Classes start this week and I’m really excited. Strangely enough, I didn’t really feel the cultural difference when I first got to college in the U.S. but here I do, … Continue reading #1-BuenosAires: Orientation period summary – Introduction