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I’m not your muñeca


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When I read “You Wouldn’t Understand” by José Emilio Pacheco, I was incredibly uncomfortable. It reminded me of what I experienced and witnessed throughout my childhood. Although my father exposed me to some rough truths about the outside world since an early age because as a journalist, he himself struggled with fighting for his integrity in a silenced culture, he still protected me from seeing the whole story for my own “safety.” My curiosity and young ego couldn’t settle for tids and bits of truth. However, at least he didn’t silence me, nor did he blatantly try to put out my desire to investigate the unknown; he just implied “to wait,” until I was able to go to a place where I have more freedom to question and curate my voice. The young daughter in Pacheco’s story didn’t have that privilege. She was her father’s muñeca, something more complex than just an expression of cariño (endearment). The father-daughter relationship is intertwined with intersectionality: gender, race, and class.

Read my thoughts here: I’m not your muñeca

Read the original story here.

Featured image Drusilla, 1860 by Julian Callos Illustration


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