If…then I create

Social Practice Art Project, Fall 2016

Topic: young girls’ empowerment through creativity (expressive arts/art therapy)

Inspiration: the creative female self, the feminist art movement in the ’60s/’70s

Description: If…Then I Create uses the game “If…then” and collage art to encourage young girls to develop creative tools that help them voice their opinions, launch their ideas, and alleviate daily stress.

  • Public: middle school students at Mount Anthony Union Middle School (female-identified or assigned at birth, non-binary)
  • Social form: afterschool session
  • Critical exchange: game playing, creating collages collectively

Prototype: prototypeITIC

Result and reflection:

The final collage was exhibited at Mount Anothy Union Middle School, Bennington, VT.


(Highlight: one of the student’s parent teared up when he saw her work on the collage. He was very proud, and I was too. Not only did the students share their hopes and dreams, they articulated them well through visuals).


Take-home handouts: 

Extended version: 

I brought the game back to Bennington and played it with a small group of friends. Here are their If…Then statements––quite fascinating!

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