It’s intriguing to realize that my life is built upon odors.

This morning I woke up in my little room on the rooftop of Julia’s house to the smell of fresh fabric. It’s my favorite smell in the world; nothing is better than inhaling a lungful of warm, freshly washed and dried clothes. There’s something familiar and familial about it, which brings me closer to the people whose clothes smell of a family ritual (you know, families wash clothes together). It’s kind of sexy too, more than perfume or deodorant, I think. The fusion of detergent (or wardrobe) and their natural body odor makes the snuggling experience more authentic and addictive than anything you could imagine.

I crossed the balcony, climbed downstairs to her living room, said “buenos días” to her and her mom, then went for a hot shower. The after-shower smell is the second most-amazing; you know, when someone walks out of the shower and the steam blended with the scent of soap quickly permeates the air and relaxes all of your senses. Then the sight of them drying their wet hair, heating up the cinnamon-roasted coffee, and asking you “qué quieres para desayunar?” (what do you want for breakfast?) makes you the bubbliest person in the world at that moment.

I’m addicted to the smell of wood, especially burned wood; there’s something very therapeutic about it. Some woods smell like herbs, some others humidity. My future house will be equipped with all wooden furniture, just as a lot of houses I’ve seen here in Mexico City. I love the color and the texture of wood too–it has witnessed time and wonders of nature and mankind. Every growth ring, every knot, every shade of color tells a story, a record of time and alternation of aesthetic. Brown is a classy color, cozy and solid enough to remind one of “home.”

Having a sensitive nose is tricky sometimes, as you become more vulnerable to attraction and distraction, especially in public transportations like metro bus, yet also spectacular, as you are able to catch single details, and the humdinger of every slice of life more easily.

My memories are built upon odors.

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